Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Saltwater Sunday

17 Northwest Fly Anglers and guests got a taste of saltwater beach fishing on the first saltwater mentoring outing led by me. With tips and tactics fresh in their minds from the Saltwater Beach Fishing PowerPoint presentation I gave to the club three days before, we hit the beach looking for resident coho and coastal cutthroat. Alas, only one of the targeted species actually attached itself to a fly. The fish were there--sometimes within casting range, more often moving fast and far off. We did get into some pretty darn big sculpins and when learning, any kind of positive result makes for a successful day.

We pretty much caught a break from all the heavy rain plaguing Puget Sound all month. One heavy shower (more water than was coming out of the shower head at home) prior to the appointed meeting time and one after we finished lunch and got the gear all packed up.

After lumch a few of us drove to another local beach and dispite not seeing any signs of fish, found a few coasties on an incoming tide. Chartreuse over white clouser, sparsely dressed, 3xl #8 worked. Didn't try any topwater stuff as no fish were showing.

Waders are going back to store--wet to the knee in one leg and to the hip in the other.